Our main products sold in fresh and frozen

Sold to France/Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the French Overseas Islands

We have been supplying a wide selection of the highest quality poultry products from France for the catering trade and for manufacturing purposes: either standard poultry, free range Label Rouge poultry, certified, organic or halal, Challandais ducks, Bresse chickens etc.

These are selected to satisfy the most demanding chefs, and are produced from recognized and long established specialists to the highest standard, with full traceability.
Together with our producers we like to share our know-how by supplying fine and tasty local products to the most prestigious tables in the world.

Our products are shipped fresh or frozen on a daily basis to our customers around the world, from a single pallet or a mixed pallet to a full container. We have a strong background in consolidated orders with various products from different factories.
With more than 30 years of experience in the poultry trade, Jacques MORGAN will share his passion with you, advise you perfectly well and find the right solution to fit your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact him for any request or information.

Poulet jaune blanc halal

Chickens : white, corn feds, free range, organic, certified and Bresse chickens

Whole chickens and chicken parts: Supremes, breast, legs, thighs, drumsticks, boneless meat and offals.

Chapon bio


whole, white or yellow

Dinde bio


Whole baby turkeys and whole turkeys, and parts :
Breast, escalopes, prime-wing, mid-wing, tip, legs, thighs, drumsticks, leg meat, thigh meat drumstick meat, trimmings and offals

canard barbaries challandais

Barbarie ducks

Male and female ducks, whole and in parts : breast, legs, prime wings, feet, leg meat and offals

Canard gras

Mulard ducks

Whole Foie Gras, sliced Foie Gras, magret, legs, duck legs, duck fat, duck onfit

canard barbaries challandais

Challandais ducks

Whole and in cuts : breast boneless, breast bone-in, legs, leg meat and offals



Whole or in parts : legs, saddle and offals

Pintade bio

Guinea fowls

Whole or in parts : supremes, fillets, legs and offals
Free range guinea fowls, Label Rouge

Coquelet bio

Poussin, white and corn feds

Whole, boneless or spatchcock

Caille bio poulet


Whole and in parts : half boneless (crapaudines), boneless, legs, breast, supremes, stuffed quails, raw and cooked peeled quail eggs.

Poulet fumées

Smoked poultry products

Chickens, hens, turkeys, whole and and in parts

Sale Nuggets

Breaded products

Chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, chicken crispy steaks, chicken strips etc …